Reflections Photo Contest Winners

August 2019
Contest Winner: Richard Higgins
Photo Title: Silent Running
Photo Description: A Black Skimmer skimming the surface looking for food. Early morning shot with an overcast sky and little to no wind. The water in the pond was like glass, perfectly calm.
Editor's Feedback: Richard's image captured an incredible moment. Not only is the composition excellent, but the reflection of the skimmer creates perfect symmetry. We also enjoyed how the image portrayed a unique moment - one that took skill and technique to capture. 
Prize: Richard won $25 for her winning image!
Follow: You can find more of Richard's work on his website

Silent Running by Richard Higgins

Honorable Mentions

Fairy Tale Castle by Xenia Tishchenko

Nordic Light by Mikkel Beiter

Sierra Reflections by John Dale

Beauty and Destruction by Ross Schram von Haupt

Perfect Reflection by Julio Castro

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