DESERT PARADISE: The Landscape Photographer’s Guide to Death Valley by Nature Photo Guides


The name Death Valley conjures up images of inhospitable desolation, but those images couldn’t be further from the truth. Death Valley is a place of sublime beauty. With salt flats, sand dunes, colorful badlands, and dramatic mountain peaks, Death Valley has a lot to offer the landscape photographer.

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  • Detailed information on 16 locations, ranging from classic Death Valley icons to off-the-beaten path places. Each location includes several photos, directions and, when applicable, GPS coordinates.

  • Photography advice and techniques for Death Valley’s many landscapes, including tips on photographing salt flats, playas, sand dunes, badlands, abstracts, macros, black and white, and wildflowers.

  • Over 150 photos highlighting the diversity of Death Valley’s landscape. Technical information (including exposure settings) is included for every photo.

  • Travel information, including lodging and transportation basics, seasonal variations, weather, and potential hazards to help you get started in planning your trip.

  • An additional 10 minor locations in the park are featured, as well as several other nearby locations outside the park including Mono Lake, the Eastern Sierra, and Valley of Fire State Park.

  • Recommended gear and gear considerations for landscape and nature photographers.

  • Maps highlighting every major location in the book, plus suggested itineraries from one day to several weeks.

  • PDF format e-book, including 132 full-size high resolution pages, ready for viewing on your tablet, computer monitor, or phone.

Note: Desert Paradise does not include location information for all of the places featured in our personal photo portfolios of Death Valley. Specifically, we receive a lot of requests for information about an expanse of large mud tiles. Although the area is more well-known now, we committed to not sharing the location publicly when we were told about it in 2015. The ebook does include references to areas where you can find mud patterns and tiles with some exploring on your own.


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