Winter Exploration Photo Contest Winner


Contest Winner: Ross Schram von Haupt

Photo Title: Hiems Lux

Photo Description: “What a morning! EPIC light, ice, mist, water flow, snow, clouds and of course…that massive peak! You couldn’t ask for better conditions than this. I nabbed this puppy on a trip up to the Canadian Rockies which was filled with epic light. We had to drive 12 hours through a blizzard to finally get into the park, but it was worth it!It was difficult picking out my composition this morning as there were so many awesome ice formations to pick from. I ended up loving this one with all those crazy lines and it was perfectly placed allowing me to frame those trees on both sides and also see the river curve. It’s a shot I still can’t really believe is mine and one that I expect to enjoy for years to come.”

Prize: Ross won $25 for his winning image!

Follow: You can find more of Ross’s fantastic work at his website or on Instagram.

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