Long Exposures Photo Contest Winners

JUNE 2019

Contest Winner: Mateusz Piesiak

Photo Title: Phantoms of the Morning

Photo Description: “When fish ponds are being drained, thousands of birds gather for easy prey. While I was photographing these great egrets and gulls, a white-tailed eagle appeared all of a sudden. The gulls panicked while the egrets just froze and did not move. Using a long shutter speed, I managed to capture this fleeting moment.”

Editor’s Note: Typically birds are photographed with exacting sharpness and focus, so when we saw Mateusz’s shot combining birds in motion with a long exposure we were immediately taken with the creativity! The dark tones contrast beautifully with the white gulls and egrets, and the movement is very uniquely captured. Well done, Mateusz!

Prize: Mateusz won $25 for his winning image!

Follow: You can find more of Mateusz’s work on his Instagram.

Phantoms of the Morning by Mateusz Piesiak

Honorable Mentions

Carnival Blur by Robert Merhaut

Mount Trump by Torsten Richertz

The Village by Pawel Zygmunt

Frosty Morning by Ross Schram von Haupt

Break of Dusk by Nuno Borges

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