Leading Lines Photo Contest Winner

MAY 2019

Contest Winner: Christian Thomae

Photo Title: Hide and Seek

Photo Description: “I photographed this anemone fish back in 2013 while snorkeling around the house reef of Fihalhohi Island on the Maldives. I love the way these animals are hiding behind the tentacles of the anemones and from time to time they risk an eye to see, if the potential enemy is still around. It’s like playing hide and seek. In this case the tentacles helped as leading lines to find the attentive eye ;-). I love underwater photography especially while snorkeling because closer under the surface the light is much better.”

Editor’s Note: It was another great month for contest entries, there was no shortage of great images to select from. This particular image by Christian stuck out to us. We thought this was a very unique shot with a great composition. The tentacles leading to the fish buried behind the anemones shows great use of leading lines in nature, and made this shot an easy pick for contest winner. Great shot Christian!

Prize: Christian won $25 for his winning image!

Follow: You can find more of Christian’s work on his Instagram.

Hide and Seek by Christian Thomae

Honorable Mentions

The Furrows by Tomas Tison

Illusive Geometry by Debarshi Mukherjee

Manhattanhenge at Taipei by Kung Chao Chun

Nightmare's Genesis by Leonardo Papèra

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