Fall Colors Photo Contest Winners


Contest Winner: Andrei Trocan

Photo Title: Curiosity

Photo Description: For the first time I have visited Colorado during fall season and I was mesmerized by the colors present. I have been to many places in the fall both far North and South, but I have never experienced such sensory overload as I did in Colorado. No wonder so many people go visit during the short fall season.

One of the most impressive areas that I visited is the Crested Butte area that I caught at peak colors. Being the first time that I came here I woke up at 5 am to make sure I have plenty of time for composition scouting, but I was very frustrated by the “no trespassing” signs all around, on both sides of the road. As the sky started to show some colors I was scrambling to find a composition, at that point any composition, until I found this vantage point that I ended up being very happy with.

Curiosity by Andrei Trocan

I was observed intently by the cows below, especially the mothers as they were making sure the calves are all safe. After a while they all went about their business. The closest to me is a calf that was following the mother (out of frame), watching me as if making sure it is safe before proceeding. It was a very enjoyable morning that was followed some forest scouting, just as direct sunlight was illuminating the aspen leaves.

Editor’s Feedback: Andrei’s image really caught our eye. It has amazing colors and perfect fall light. The composition is well thought out and the fall color really complements the majestic mountain.

Prize: Andrei won $25 for his winning image!

Follow: You can find more of Andrei’s work on Instagram.

Honorable Mentions

Otoño en El Chaltén by Marcelo Luis Minichelli

Fun in the Leaves by Svetlana Demina

North Lake Sunset by Jay Huang

The Kings Road by Pawel Zygmunt

Ying and Yang by Sergey Anufriev

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