Faces Photo Contest Winner

MARCH 2019

Contest Winner: Willem Kuijpers

Photo Title: Eternal Love

Photo Description: A beautiful couple I ran into in Trinidad, Cuba.

Editor’s Note: Our 2019 Faces contest was full of amazing entries coming from around the world! We had quite a challenge narrowing down our top selections, as there were so many fantastic photos. Nonetheless, we were immediately taken with Willem Kuijpers’ shot titled “Eternal Love.” With equal parts spontaneity, emotion and character, this shot stood out as something truly special. Willem’s black & white processing creates a timeless image that conveys exactly what the title says, “Eternal Love.” Congratulations, Willem!

Prize: Willem won $25 for his winning image!

Follow: You can find more of Willem’s work on Instagram.

Eternal Love by Willem Kuijpers

Honorable Mentions

Egyptian Portrait by Mohamed Abdelkader

Sea Gypsie Fisherman by Maxim Logunov

Balancing on Timber by Sonny Plasschaert

Optimist by Viktor Feldsherov

Born Strong by Megan Elizabeth Ripka

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