April 2019

Water World Photo Contest Winner

Contest Winner: Pawel Zygmunt
Photo Title: Water Movement
Photo Description: "There was a real miracle happening there. The sky went to full drama and the water movement was just gorgeous. I shot in this place before and I had been using a wide angle lens. Wind angle lens comes naturally to your head as there is so many things you would like to include in the frame. However the farthest rocks look very small when shooting with 16mm. I had a bit of time to experiment so I decided to use 24-70mm at 29mm. There was not much space as there is another big rock behind the place I was standing. I had to lay against it and had my tripod almost laying against it too. Then I only had to wait for nice swell to get what I wanted. I have to say these were the best conditions I have ever had on the Copper Coast and I have visited this area 10 times within 1.5 years." 
Editor's Note: There were so many amazing images in the Water World contest it made selecting the winner and honorable mentions a real pleasure! Pawel's winning shot from the Copper coast immediately caught our attention. With a stellar combination of water movement, dramatic sea stacks and gorgeous soft light this image is dynamic and polished. We are particularly fond of the long exposure used. The water has a smooth effect, yet retains detail. The longer focal length used here adds a slight compression of features, and makes the sea stacks more imposing in the scene. Top notch work, Pawel! 
Prize: Pawel won $25 for his winning image!
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Water Movement by Pawel Zygmunt

Honorable Mentions

Arctic Sea Ice by James Rushforth

Turn Of The Tide by Alexander Riek

Mystical Koosah Falls by Matt Payne

Into The Light by Dan Shipp

Rock Well by Jamie Verdun

March 2019

Faces Photo Contest Winner

Contest Winner: Willem Kuijpers
Photo Title: Eternal Love
Photo Description: A beautiful couple I ran into in Trinidad, Cuba.
Editor's Note: Our 2019 Faces contest was full of amazing entries coming from around the world! We had quite a challenge narrowing down our top selections, as there were so many fantastic photos. Nonetheless, we were immediately taken with Willem Kuijpers' shot titled "Eternal Love." With equal parts spontaneity, emotion and character, this shot stood out as something truly special. Willem's black & white processing creates a timeless image that conveys exactly what the title says, "Eternal Love." Congratulations, Willem! 
Prize: Willem won $25 for his winning image!
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Eternal Love by Willem Kuijpers

Honorable Mentions

Egyptian Portrait by Mohamed Abdelkader

Sea Gypsie Fisherman by Maxim Logunov

Balancing on Timber by Sonny Plasschaert

Optimist by Viktor Feldsherov

Born Strong by Megan Elizabeth Ripka

February 2019

Cities At Night Photo Contest Winner

Contest Winner: Nicole Yeung
Photo Title: Beauty of Victoria City
Photo Description: The natural beauty of the City of Victoria, Hong Kong. Modern Buildings and Lights surrounded by sea of clouds.
Editor's Feedback: Nicole's shot of Hong Kong combines atmospheric fog with city lights to create a futuristic and beautiful scene. We appreciate the unique conditions and the technical proficiency of this shot, and are proud to name Nicole this month's winner!
Prize: Nicole won $25 for her winning image!
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Beauty of Victoria City by Nicole Yeung
January 2019

Winter Exploration Photo Contest Winner

Contest Winner: Ross Schram von Haupt
Photo Title:  Hiems Lux
Photo Description: "What a morning! EPIC light, ice, mist, water flow, snow, clouds and of course...that massive peak! You couldn’t ask for better conditions than this. I nabbed this puppy on a trip up to the Canadian Rockies which was filled with epic light. We had to drive 12 hours through a blizzard to finally get into the park, but it was worth it!It was difficult picking out my composition this morning as there were so many awesome ice formations to pick from. I ended up loving this one with all those crazy lines and it was perfectly placed allowing me to frame those trees on both sides and also see the river curve. It’s a shot I still can’t really believe is mine and one that I expect to enjoy for years to come."
Prize: Ross won $25 for his winning image!
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Hiems Lux by Ross Schram von Haupt