Contest FAQs

Who can enter?

Anyone 18 years of age or older can submit to our contests. We accept submissions from all countries.

Should I watermark my image?

No, images with watermarks will be disqualified from the contests. No labels or personal identifiers should be shown on your photos. Judges are not shown any personal information.

Is post processing allowed?

Yes. Each contest will have specific guidelines and rules regarding what level of post processing is allowed.

What format do you accept images?

We accept photos in any orientation (Landscape, Vertical, Square, etc.) in .JPG and .PNG format. JPG files with the sRGB color profile and saved at maximum quality are best. If possible, upload images with the longest edge sized to 1,600px or greater.

When will I be notified about my entry?

Winners will be notified by the date listed on each contest page.

Are there any restrictions on old images?

No, you may submit images taken any year.

What is an entry?

Entries are single images, image sets and similar, according to each contest’s guidelines. Entries must be photographic in origin, meaning they were created using a camera (DSLR, ILC, Cell Phone, Film, Etc.)

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes, you may submit as may entries as you like.

Do I still own my image after I submit it?

Yes. Our World In Focus does not own your images, and will only use your images for display on our website, social media pages and other marketing materials. You own your photo and are not restricted in any way by entering a contest on our site.

Should I include a description of my photo?

Yes, absolutely! Please describe to us what this photo shows, what it means to you, how you took it, etc.

Can I submit images taken with a cell phone or point & shoot?

Absolutely. Great images can be captured with any camera.