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Our World, Your Lens

There are many photography contests on the internet today. However, most of these offer small prizes, have countless submissions and are very expensive to enter. Our World In Focus wants to change that. We strive to feature contests with great prizes at a low cost of entry. As photographers ourselves, we enjoy entering our own images in photo contests. It feels great to receive recognition and accolades for your images, and that is our aim with Our World In Focus.

We offer both free and premium paid contests for photographers of all skill levels. Each contest features a unique theme, such as “City Nights,” “Summer Sunsets” or “Abstract Visions.” We offer something for everyone.

The winners of these contests not only receive amazing prizes, but also recognition on our website, social media feeds and on our partner platforms. We work with photography publications in order to get your work published and recognized by the public as well.

We take our contests very seriously. We hand pick only the best and most qualified judges. We believe everyone should have an opportunity to win. Hence, we use a blind-jury scoring system that allows for fair evaluation of all photo contest submissions.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. We look forward to seeing your entry soon!

-Max & Matt, Founders of Our World In Focus

Our Team

Founders of 'Our World In Focus'

Matt Meisenheimer


Matt is a professional landscape photographer that leads photography tours throughout the USA and abroad. He is passionate about outdoor adventure and enjoys blending his photography with exploration.

Max Foster


Max is a professional landscape photographer focused on adventure and exploration. He recently completed a 15 month RV trip around the USA and Canada with his wife, Amy. When not in the field photographing, he enjoys cycling, skiing, hiking and other outdoor pursuits.