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Composition Ideas for Landscape Photography

As a landscape photographer, composition is everything. It’s the glue that holds our photos together and it’s what separates a ...

Top 5 Filters for Nature Photography

Filters are essential for photographers, regardless of genre and sill level. Sure, the effects of many filters can now be ...
Blue Ice Cracks Lake Baikal

10 Tips to Win a Photo Contest

10 Tips to Win a Photo Contest Photo contests are an excellent way to challenge yourself, improve your photography skills ...


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January 2020

From Above Photo Contest

Free Entry, Win $25!

This month's photo contest is "From Above." Sometimes the best perspective is from high above. Aerial images can be some of the most unique out there. We want to see your best images taken from a plane, helicopter, or drone.  Submit between January 1st and January 31th for your chance to win! 

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