Amazing Wildlife Photo Contest

$6,000+ Total Prize Package!

Judged by Ami Vitale & Mogens Trolle.  Top 5 images awarded prizes.


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MAY - JULY 2019

Amazing Wildlife Photo Contest

$6,000 Total Prize Package! 

Top 5 images awarded. Our Amazing Wildlife Photo Contest is all about the incredible wildlife that inhabits the earth. We're looking for images that tell a story, images that are creative, and images that showcase the amazing animal species on our planet. Judged by international award winning wildlife photographers Ami Vitale & Mogens Trolle.

June 2019

Long Exposures Photo Contest

Free Entry, Win $25!

Long exposures can result in interesting effects - silky water, streaked clouds, and detailed night images. We want to see your best long exposure shots! We want to see how you use long exposures in your images! Submit your photo to the contest between June 1st and June 31st for your chance to win $25 and a feature on our website and social media feeds. Entry is free!

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